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About us

Dawn Treader Performance was founded in 2004 by engineer Patrick Morgan to restore and service the fastest, most complex cars on the planet. The company has been fortunate to work with some of the worlds most prestigious collectors and several of the major car manufacturers to bring their fantastic cars back to fully original running condition.

Basing the workshop on an aerodrome in the heart of motorsport valley allows us unique access to a wide cross section of the Formula 1 supply chain and a smooth 1200m runway for testing and evaluation..

Dawn Treader is a small dedicated team that works under the ethos that "Effort = Results". We take our job seriously, we aim to achieve the best possible finish both mechanically and cosmetically while making sure our customers get as much out the the restoration experience as we do.

That's what this part of our site is about - giving you a unique, exclusive, view into our world. We hope you enjoy it.