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1997 Penske PC26 - Main profile

The last Nigel Bennet designed Penske, the PC26 was the final development of the PC-22 platform from 1993. It was driven by Marlboro Team Penske drivers Al Unser Jr. and Paul Tracy. Tracy initially pulled out a commanding lead in the 1997 CART championship before being sidelined with vision problems. The PC-26 is powered by the Mercedes-Benz IC108D engine that won that years manufactures championship. Chassis 05 is the last Penske built chassis to win a race - St. Louis - which was win number 99 for the team. A full three years and a wholesale change to Reynard chassis, Honda engines and Goodyear tires was needed to achieve win 100 early in the 2000 season.


Penske PC-26 at Rockingham Speedway

We were delighted to be invited to Rockingham Speedway to demo the PC-26 for their 10th anniversary. Gary Ward drive 15 laps of the track hitting just over 200mph down the straights.